Other Interests and Projects

This page is a personal review about other things that I find fascinating, even though I may not typically write about them. They include …………

I studied Architecture for my undergraduate degree. Although I do not practice the same now, I am still marveled by well-designed spaces. I particularly enjoy layouts that blend beautiful functional homes and urban spaces with nature. I will be putting together a list of some of these spaces and buildings and other inspiring ideas in Architecture.

Book recommendations.
From an early age, I have always loved reading. It’s amazing how it now weaves into my job as a speaker and coach to thousands of people every year. Basically my job is to read and then help myself and others around me distill the concepts expressed by the authors in ways that are practical and beneficial to our lives. After many years of research, I have created a personal reading list that has favourites from a wide-range of categories including the best business books, best self-help books, best biographies, and many others.

Great speeches.
On the side, I like to watch insightful speeches and often stumble upon one or two that are not very well known. Whenever I find one that inspires me, I create a transcript and then add it to my list of great speeches. To the best of my knowledge, there are very few place on the web where you can find all of this amazing library of great speeches curated in one place.

Great Sporting performances.
Most of us enjoy a good competitive sport. There is something about seeing ordinary people perform a task with extraordinary brilliance. I have put together a few moments that showcase individual brilliance and determination and others that showcase the result of teamwork when everyone does what they need to with efficiency. 

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