We train professional speakers on how to build and scale their speaking business. If you wish to learn methods for getting on stages, or learn more about presentation skills or simply how to MONETIZE your speaking, this program is designed for you.




The Professional Speaker Series is specifically tailored to help advanced speakers MONETIZE their skill and talent. It is a step by step guide that will take you behind the curtain to discover the methods used by WORLD-RENOWNED speakers to constantly get booked on large stages and get paid REALLY WELL to share their Knowledge and insights with others. 


who should attend

This program is for:

1. ADVANCED SPEAKERS who have NOT YET been paid for speaking

2. PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS who feel they are not getting paid what they DESERVE. 

 course overview 

 This 12-module series will break down 3 MAIN things in your journey to becoming a sought after Professional Speaker. You will learn how to become a powerful presenter on camera and on stages to share your message with the world, effective ways to getting constantly booked on stages as a speaker, and  how to master the ability to grow your speaker brand online by creating and promoting your content. 

By the end of the program, you will : 

 * Understand the entire process of getting on stages

* Get contract template to use for your Speaking Engagements

 * Know what to do to find well paying events 

 * Know how to position yourself as an Authority in the Speaking World

 * Know what your daily schedule should be like to perform at the highest level