How to grow and nurture Your Self-confidence.

by Personal Development, Public Speaking

Success does not come to the person who constantly sells himself short through his lack of self-confidence. Instead, it looks favorably upon the person who knows what he wants and goes after it. It handsomely rewards the person who confidently pursues their objective and does not in any circumstances accept the word impossible.

How a few salesmen got their self-confidence

One of the most successful Insurance sales managers at a local company near me requires all his sales agents to do one thing every day. They should spend at least 5 minutes in front of a mirror every morning before starting off to work. He further requires them to say to themselves as they stand there, “You are the greatest living salesperson and you will prove that today, tomorrow and every other day.” In addition, the sales manager has prearranged that the spouses of each of the salespeople in his team see them off at the door each morning with a simple message. “You are the greatest salesperson living –and you will prove it today.” It is not a surprise that his team has the leading sales in the insurance industry.  In an industry where it has been said to be something that must be sold, but yet is not willingly bought. These men and women succeed because of one thing – their self-confidence.

Edison’s Self-confidence

The famous inventor Thomas Edison discovered this early and it propelled him to great heights. When he discovered how a machine could record and then reproduce the sound of the human voice, he at once called in a model maker. He then gave him a rough pencil drawing of the idea he had and asked him to build him a working model. The model maker looked at the pencil sketch for a while then back at Edison. “Impossible!” You will never be able to make this thing work!” “Why do you think so? What makes you think it will not work?” asked Edison. “Because no one in the history of men has ever made a machine that could talk” replied the model maker. Edison could have given accepted the model maker’s viewpoint and given up on his idea. But he chose to listen to his inner voice; the self-confidence and belief that his idea was worth a try. The model maker reluctantly accepted. In two months’ time, the model was complete. It was a surprise to the model maker because it worked just as Edison had hoped. The person who confidently backs up his plans and ideas always has a huge advantage over the one who gives up and quits at the first sign of struggle. The sales manager and Edison have one thing in common. Thier discovery of the power of self-confidence.

Developing your self-confidence

For you to be able to develop and continually grow your self-confidence, you first need to learn how to activate its source. You need to learn why at time you walk with your head held high and why at others you shrink. You need to learn how you can switch on and most importantly boost your self-confidence. It all lies in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has unlimited power and you can tap into it and direct it in any direction you want. The method that you can use direct it to this desired end is so simple that you might discount its workability. It is simply directed by words. You can talk to your subconscious mind as if it were a person sitting across the table. A friend who is ready with immense power and willing to do whatever you request of them. However, the subconscious mind has one very strange trait. It believes everything everyone says to it and then acts on it. It does not only believe and act upon the spoken words but strangely too, it believes and acts on a person’s thoughts especially those which are high on emotion. The subconscious reacts strongest to what we love and have faith in but also what we fear.

Training your Subconscious Mind to build confidence

The subconscious is very responsive to the repetition of words and thoughts. To build your self-confidence, use this responsiveness to your advantage. Constantly feed the subconscious with purposes and aims that are true to you and are of your own choice. Do it so intensely that it will not have an opportunity to attract any undesired thing. All that is required is that you repeatedly convey a clear description of what you exactly want. Use your words and thoughts to command the state you desire. In turn, your self-confidence will skyrocket. Train your mind and it will serve you in everything you do.