Feeling Low? Learn how to get unstuck.

by Personal Development

Sometimes in life, you find yourself stuck in the same place for too long. Desperation sets in as you hope for an upward shift. You yearn for a ‘lift me up’ moment that will elevate you from the pit that you are in.  You hope for an encouraging word from a friend that will motivate you. For someone to light your way out of that terrible darkness- but the friend never comes. This is when you need to learn the keys to getting unstuck and get yourself out of the rut. We have all been there at some point in our lives, some more often and for longer periods than others. You may be in such a time right now. A moment where you wish your life had more meaning. Where you wish you could feel that you matter, that your relationships and partnerships matter and wish that they serve a greater purpose. In a moment where all wish you could get unstuck and live a fulfilling life. You may feel like your life is simply running on autopilot as if you have no dreams to aspire to and no ideas worth sharing. You may feel uninspired and the idea of any inspiration seems unreachable, maybe even unrecognizable. No matter what you do, it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t seem to advance you. You find that you cannot move or express or manifest or even experience that which you crave with every fiber of your being.

Learn the keys to Getting Unstuck?

How do you get back up, you ask? What steps do you take to get back to yourself? How do you advance to your most abundant and fulfilled self? First, you need to identify the reason you are stuck. It will require you to be completely honest with yourself, at least to the best of your ability. The reason may fall under one of these categories or a mixture of some:
  1. You really do not know who you are. This is when you have no clue what your potential or capabilities are. When you are uncertain if the values you hold true mean anything to you. You get stuck in your limited perception of yourself: the box you have defined yourself by becomes your reality.
  2. Secondly, You do not want to take the risk to fully find out who you are. You play safe and do not want to push yourself beyond the comforts you know. For this reason, You remain stuck in this story that you have created and your sadness around being stuck and the cycle goes on and on. You refuse to push yourself and opt for what is comfortable, what is familiar.
  3.  Finally,  you may be stuck because you are living according to other people’s expectations of you. To something you were told as a child, something you have been told all your life. You can’t do that, you can’t be that, they won’t let you…….. You believe it and you stay stuck.

What you need to do next

You then need to see how much this state has cost you because whether you know it or not, you have already paid a price for what you are getting. A lot of times you continue to pay a price because you do not understand how much you have already paid. It’s like buying a slice of beef, paying for it, going home, chopping it up nicely, frying it and then once you’ve eaten, you go back to the butcher and say, “I ’d like to pay for the beef again”…… The butcher will say, “It doesn’t make sense, you already paid for this yesterday. Why would you pay for it again?” That is the same thing we do for these old experiences, these old decisions. We keep replaying them in our head and your body can’t tell the difference. When you relive and experience in your head, every fiber in your body emotionally goes through that experience again. When you cognitively understand that, you think to yourself, “Well it doesn’t make any sense to be reliving in a stuck state, to pay a price I already paid.” Then you think, why don’t I do something different. The understanding has to be there of what its cost you and what you have the power to do and shift. Once that occurs CHANGE begins. Once that occurs you will not only possess the keys to getting unstuck but your life will change for the better.