business foundation PROGRAM

rock solid foundation

 If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to understand how to build a rock solid foundation for your business, Join us in this Business Foundation Course. Our tailored package will help you integrate the necessary support systems to allow your business to grow exponentially 


You may already have achieved your dream of starting a business. Congratulations! Growing the business however, is a different ball-game. Most times, it’s more challenging to grow than to start it in the first place.

That’s where we come in.

This course has been designed from a ‘How to’ perspective. It has been born out of thousands of hours working with

entrepreneurs on tackling the challenges they face in the early days of their business. 

 Every module has been designed to help you set up the necessary systems and a solid foundation on which your business can grow.


who should attend

This program is geared towards owners of small or medium scale businesses and wish to learn how to build in systems that allow them to move from being self-employed to fully fledged entrepreneurs.

  course overview

 This 6-week course will accelerate your business by helping you to focus on what matters. You will gain tools, techniques and invaluable experience in creating systems that help your business run efficiently and prepare for the next level as you scale up. 

The program focuses on setting you on the path to actualized business growth. By the end of the program, you will clearly understand:

* Your business model

* How to properly price your product

Cash flow management specific to your business

How to market your business

* How to accelerate your sales





Revenue Increase



“As an entrepreneur, most of my ideas are jumbled up somewhere in the clouds. Working with Azelea Coaching Advisory helped me break down my ideas into an active process with timelines that were achievable. I was able to articulate into words what was in my head. Because of this, my zeal to execute and make real change went on full throttle. I recommend this to any over-achieving world-changer who wants to kick ass!”

Ruthie Ndung’u

Founder and CEO, Feruschi Enterprises