Identify and realize new opportunities for future growth.

Although innovation is a major strategic concern and many companies fear potential disruption from it, many fail to allocate sufficient resources to foster innovation.

If you are facing this challenge, especially when new opportunities don’t align seamlessly with your existing business model; we have the tools, methods and approaches to help you invest in your future success.

How will this Impact You?

Unlock Untapped Potential

If you want to uncover new markets, products or processes to stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape; Identify and leverage untapped opportunities by bringing fresh perspectives and strategic insights. 

Accelerate Growth

Stay competitive by accelerating the pace of your growth, fostering a culture of creativity and having actionable strategies. Navigate disruptive trends and implement innovative solutions for sustainable success.

Enhance Adaptability

Equip your business with the tools to adapt to market shifts and technological advancements by building agile structures and processes, that will ensure you thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Delivering a portfolio of opportunities.

Most attempts at innovation miss the mark, leading to a flood of small, unrelated ideas with little or no impact or a complete failure to turn potential opportunities into successful businesses.

We help our clients pinpoint practical opportunities based on insights to establish new businesses within their core markets, adjacent areas, and unexplored territories.

A repeatable process for growth.

Azelea’s clients benefit from our proven, repeatable, and systemic approach to innovation that harnesses the creative energy of people and unleashes untapped

We create fresh viewpoints that encourage recognizing opportunities and turning ideas into business models that can be tested, launched, and expanded.

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Key Elements of our Approach

01. The Sunbird

Just as Sunbirds fly from bud to bud, transferring pollen between flowers, we help you innovate by transplanting ideas across different divides to create something new.


Look at industries completely different from yours and take ideas that if applied to the problem at hand, would solve it.


Using the power of analogies describe similarities such as shared product design and product features.


Examine how and why the ideas worked initially and what similarities or differences will make them work again.


Harvest working concepts and then find a way to plug them to provide solutions in your field.

02. The Architect

Just as professional architects design skyscrapers, we help you innovate by seeing gaps and envisioning how separate parts can fit together to form a new logical design.


Start by looking at what is NOT there. Instead of focusing on existing solutions, hunt for what is missing.


Most people pick up anomalies or gaps but tend to fit discrepancies into existing frames of reference: to innovate, don’t dismiss inconsistencies.


Listen for silence and pay attention to what others ignore. When you detect the slightest anomaly, Ask “WHY?”


Become a problem finder. Ask “Where is the pain?” Identify friction points, bottlenecks and complications and craft new solutions 

03. The Integrator

Integrate and invent a new way forward by assembling opposites. We help you innovate by combining existing elements to shape novel outcomes. 


Integration involves finding opportunities to overlap ideas and discover ways that two disparate elements might make a good marriage.


Integrators don’t haphazardly meld elements. They don’t simply expand categories to add new and different items. Instead, they fuse distinct pieces, with a focus on filling a specific gap.


The ability to see pieces independently is what enables integrators to disentangle elements and assemble them in new and different amalgamations.


Just as we laugh at the discordant juxtaposition of ideas in comedy, and the unusual combination of spices yields exotic foods, by mixing and matching elements, we prompt the most creative ideas.

Our methodology.

Read more about our methodology in our bestselling book “Innovation to the Core”. You’ll find parts devoted to crucial topics–such as how to organize the discovery process, generate strategic insights, enlarge your innovation pipeline, and maximize your return on innovation.

Execution matters.

Most businesses develop a high-level strategy and then define a detailed plan on a much shorter time cycle. The gap between strategy definition and implementation can be significant and, unless addressed appropriately, leads to poor results.

We synchronize this long-term horizon with a short-term focus through migration management. Migration management focuses on activities to transform the company to capture current and future opportunities.

Advantages of this approach.

Time- Phased

Time-phased transformation model to make steady progress towards your future state.


Visibility of the underlying assumptions so that vulnerabilities can be monitored and managed.  


Robustness to respond to unanticipated changes, such as a severe economic downturn, without abandoning a sound strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should our company invest in innovation consulting?

Innovation consulting is a strategic investment that can drive long-term growth and success for your company. By leveraging our expertise, we help you identify untapped opportunities, streamline processes, and stay ahead of market trends.

Our proven track record showcases how innovation can enhance efficiency, boost competitiveness, and ultimately lead to increased profitability. If you’re looking to future-proof your business and outperform competitors, innovation consulting is the key.

How can innovation consulting benefit my specific industry?

Our innovation consulting services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to understand industry trends, competitive landscapes, and customer needs.

By customizing our approach, we ensure that our recommendations are not only relevant but also actionable.

Whether you operate in technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, our consultants bring industry-specific knowledge to drive innovation that aligns with your business goals.

We're concerned about the cost of innovation consulting. Is it a worthwhile investment?

While there is an upfront investment, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Our consultants work to maximize your return on investment by identifying cost-effective solutions and ensuring the efficient implementation of innovative strategies.

We understand the importance of delivering measurable results, and our track record of success demonstrates that innovation consulting is a prudent investment in the sustained growth and competitiveness of your business.

Our company has tried innovation initiatives in the past without significant success. How can you ensure better results?

We recognize that not all innovation initiatives yield the desired outcomes. Our approach is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. We learn from past experiences, leveraging failures as valuable learning opportunities.

Our consultants are committed to identifying the root causes of past shortcomings, adapting strategies accordingly, and implementing a holistic plan that aligns with your company’s goals.

Success in innovation often requires a dynamic and iterative approach, and we’re dedicated to achieving meaningful, sustainable results

How quickly can we expect to see results from innovation consulting?

The timeline for results varies based on the complexity of your organization and the specific challenges you’re facing. While immediate changes may be noticeable, the full impact of innovation consulting often unfolds over time.

We prioritize a phased and strategic implementation, ensuring that changes are integrated smoothly into your existing processes.

Our goal is not just short-term gains but the cultivation of a culture of continuous innovation that pays dividends in the long run. By setting realistic expectations and focusing on sustainable progress, we aim to deliver enduring value to your company.

Identify and realize new opportunities for future growth.