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Leadership solutions built around you, your organization and the people you are called to lead.

Elevate Strategic Thinking for Unmatched Business Vision.

Ignite Growth, Supercharge Sales, and Cultivate Lasting Customer Connections.

Unleash Innovation, Invest in Future Success, and Foster Organizational Excellence.

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Unlock unparalleled success.

Leaders often grapple with challenges that hinder their organization’s growth: Whether it’s stagnant strategies, limited innovation, or leadership gaps, navigating these issues can be the key to unlocking unparalleled success.

At Azelea Coaching Advisory, we specialize in addressing these precise challenges through our comprehensive suite of coaching and consulting services.

We understand that leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking are not isolated pursuits but interconnected facets of organizational success.

How will this Impact You?


Stay competitive by accelerating the pace of your growth, fostering a culture of creativity and having actionable strategies. Navigate disruptive trends and implement innovative solutions for sustainable success.


 Receive comprehensive 360-degree feedback and insightful assessments that uncover your leadership strengths and reveal growth opportunities.


Equip yourself and your organization with the tools to effectively respond to industry shifts and emerging trends and have clarity in decision-making.


Tailored Coaching for Executives.

Benefit from personalized coaching sessions designed to address your unique challenges and amplify your strengths.

Strategic Visionary Leadership.

Learn to navigate complexities with grace, inspire teams, and foster a culture of innovation that propels your company forward.

Effective Decision-Making Mastery.

Develop the ability to make swift, informed decisions that positively impact your team and the bottom line.

Enhanced Communication and Influencing Skills.

 Master the art of persuasion, negotiation, and interpersonal dynamics crucial for effective leadership.

Client Success Spotlight.

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Sam asked me questions and it felt like my head was under surgery but I was pleasantly surprised to gain a new perspective. I was able to look at the issue and gain renewed energy to tackle it believing in my ability to accomplish it.

Margaret Ngea


“I had a great experience with Azelea Coaching. It was flexible and tailored to suit my busy schedule. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking professional development”

Virgile Bahujimihigo

Segal Family Foundation

Samuel is an excellent coach! He actively listens to you and asks you great questions that help you get to the deepest “Why” and spurs you to action.

Muthoni Thuo

Livelihood Impact Fund

Our Expertise.


Bridge the gap between strategy definition and implementation by executing structured engagement, presenting the case for change and aligning your organization for the future. 


Develop fresh perspectives on market dynamics, change drivers and customer needs so as to extend your core business and create platforms for future growth.

Executive Coaching

Equip your leaders to navigate the constantly shifting market dynamics, unrelenting competitive pressures and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Business Coaching

Increase the sustainability and impact of your organization by improving individual skills, strengthening systems and processes and creating an enabling environment

“Without a well-thought-out strategy, innovation is unfocused;
without innovation, a strategy doesn’t engage and isn’t differentiated,
and without organization, the focus won’t last,
and the efforts will not lead to the desired results.”

Frequently Asked Questions.

How quickly can we expect to see results from consulting with you?

The timeline for results varies based on the complexity of your organization and the specific challenges you’re facing. While immediate changes may be noticeable, the full impact of innovation consulting often unfolds over time.

We prioritize a phased and strategic implementation, ensuring that changes are integrated smoothly into your existing processes.

Our goal is not just short-term gains but the cultivation of a culture of continuous innovation that pays dividends in the long run. By setting realistic expectations and focusing on sustainable progress, we aim to deliver enduring value to your company.

What if we're on a tight budget? Can we still benefit from strategy and innovationconsulting?

Absolutely. We understand budget constraints and tailor our services to align with your financial parameters. Consider consulting an investment rather than an expense. By addressing your specific challenges and opportunities, we help you optimize resource allocation and avoid costly missteps. Our goal is to deliver a positive return on investment, making strategy consulting a cost-effective way to drive long-term success for your business.

We offer flexible engagement models to accommodate various budgetary requirements, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment.

Our team is already performing well. Why would we need coaching?

Even high-performing teams can benefit from coaching to reach their full potential. Our coaches specialize in identifying areas for improvement, fostering innovation, and refining strategies.

Coaching isn’t just about troubleshooting; it’s about continuous improvement and staying ahead in a competitive business landscape.

How do I ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the coaching process?

Confidentiality is a top priority for us. Our coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring that all information shared in coaching sessions remains confidential. We prioritize creating a safe and trusting environment for open and honest discussions.

How do you measure the success of your engagements?

Success is measured through a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments. We establish clear goals at the beginning of the coaching and consulting relationship and regularly evaluate progress.

Feedback mechanisms ensure that the coaching is aligned with your objectives and delivers tangible results.

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