If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to grow and scale your business, Join us in this Business Mastery Course. Our tailored support package will help you make weekly strides as you build an efficient, scalable business.


The course is built around a simple model to enable you to A.C.E. your business growth using three specific steps: 

* Assess your current business state;

* Create a plan for growth; 

* Execute that plan, modifying it based on what you learn as you go (you will learn what to look out for).

This business mastery course has been designed to help you assess your business model, sales and finances; set goals for improving each of these areas; and develop a plan for reaching your business goals.

target audience

This program is geared towards entrepreneurs already running their small or medium scale businesses and wish to learn how to build in systems that allow them to scale up.

 course overview

This advanced 12-week course will accelerate your business by helping you to focus on what matters. You will gain tools, techniques and invaluable experience in creating systems that help your business run efficiently and prepare for the next level as you scale up.

The program focuses on two main sections:

The Business Foundation

The first section is aimed at setting you on the path to actualized business growth. We will analyse your business model and any alternatives, product pricing and financial management. This will allow you to clearly map out your business model, identify any possible areas of review, discover how to properly price your product and understanding cash flow management specific to your business.

Scaling-up Your Business

The second section will help you understand the basics of Scaling Up. This is organized around the 4 major aspects of your business that you will have to address to grow namely: Your Team , The Strategy, The Execution, and The Money.





Revenue Increase



“Working with Azelea Coaching Advisory has been very eye-opening. Speaking to and listening to the coach has helped me think critically about the decisions I needed to make. Questions that sound so simple and easy to brush through have proven to be very important and critical. As an entrepreneur, I’ve been able to ask myself some difficult questions that have helped me be more effective and productive in running my start-up.”

Wangechi Wachira

Founder, Brassed Crafts